MHL Cable

Model Number: MHL1091

Share your content on your HDTV

Are you using a Galaxy S5, S4, S3, or Note 3, Note 2? These phones require an additional adapter tip (11-pin). Check out our Micro USB 5-pin to 11-pin MHL Adapter Tip.

Other smartphones in addition to the above list may also require the additional adapter tip. Check with your phone manufacturer for details.

The MHL Cable is ideal for sharing content from your MHL compatible smartphone or tablet on your HDTV or monitor.

9 Ft
Micro USB


  • Connect a smartphone, tablet, or other MHL compatible device to your HDTV
  • Cable mirrors mobile device contents onto your HDTV
  • Supports 1080p HD Video and 7.1 Digital Audio
  • The HDTV charges your mobile device simultaneously


  • Requires both the mobile device and the HDTV to be MHL enabled
Interface HDMI, Micro USB
Cable Length 9 feet
Color Black
Product Dimension 1.5 x 5.25 x 4 inches
Product Weight 5 oz
Warranty 1 year
UPC 858796052495
  • How to use the MHL Passive Cable (MHL1091)?
    1. Make sure your HDTV/display is MHL enabled. For the complete list please visit MHL Enabled Displays.
    2. Make sure your mobile device is MHL enabled. Below is a partial list of MHL enabled mobile devices. For the complete list please visit MHL Enabled Mobile Devices.
      • Samsung
        Galaxy S5 (*requires adapter tip)
        Galaxy S4 (*requires adapter tip)
        Galaxy S3 (*requires adapter tip)
        Galaxy S2
        Galaxy Note
        Galaxy Note 2 (*requires adapter tip)
        Galaxy Note 2 (*requires adapter tip)
      • HTC
        One X+
        One X
        Butterfly S
      • Sony
        Xperia Z
        Xperia SP
        Xperia ZL
        Xperia Tablet Z
      • LG
        Optimus G Pro
        Optimus G
    3. Check if your mobile device requires the adapter tip (see above list). Some devices require the adapter tip when using the MHL Cable.
    4. Connecting the MHL Cable to your HDTV and mobile device.
      • Connect the HDMI end of the MHL Cable to your HDTV.
      • Connect the micro USB end of the MHL Cable to your mobile device. (If your mobile device requires an adapter tipp, you will need to attach the adapter tip to the micro USB end of the MHL Cable)
    5. Please wait as it may take a moment for the video feed to be displayed on the HDTV.
  • What is in the box?
    • MHL Cable