Micro USB Sync/Charge Cable for Galaxy S/Note and Nexus

Model Number: MDA3000

Sync and charge your Galaxy and Nexus SmartPhones

The Micro USB Sync/Charge cable provides the ability to connect your Galaxy and Nexus SmartPhones to car/wall charger for charging or to laptop/PC for data syncing.

Micro USB
6 Ft


  • High quality 6 Ft. Micro USB sync/charge cable
  • Sync and transfer files to and from your computer and phone via the Micro USB sync/charge cable
  • Sync/charge from: laptop/PC, car/wall charger


  • Galaxy and Nexus SmartPhones and Tablets that use a Micro USB connection
  • Galaxy S6, Note 5, Nexus 7
  • Also works for connecting many other Micro USB devices to USB ports
Cable Type Micro USB to USB
Length 6 feet
Color Black
Product Weight 1 oz
Warranty 1 year
UPC 858796052518
  • What is in the box?
    • Micro USB Sync/Charge Cable